Friday, March 31, 2017

Does Trump owe country an explanation?

During the election, many people had reason to be dubious about candidate Donald Trump's character and motivation in seeking the Presidency.

To these voters, Donald Trump came off as a vainglorious, self-seeking egomaniac who had no deep seated beliefs about anything except himself, and who was only opportunistic in taking up issues he thought he could exploit in his Presidential run.

Seeking the Presidency probably began as a fun lark for Donald Trump, after having tired of doing The Apprentice for many years.

As he proceeded, Donald Trump made opportunistic calculations about how to game issues to advance his candidacy, without genuine belief about the issues.

When "Russian interference" showed up in the election, Donald Trump applauded the interference, which may have been just more Trump opportunism, with no regard to whether asking the Russians to interfere was right or wrong, and with no thought about whether he was advancing Vladimir Putin's purposes.

After being elected in November and during the first two months of his Presidency, Donald Trump has done much to validate concerns about his character and motivation.

One matter now stands out glaringly. Test it out for yourself.  Ask yourself this:
Given the chaos swirling around the Russia mess the country is now in, do you think Donald Trump owes it to the American people to explain why he asked the Russians to interfere in the election? 
If  your answer is yes, ask yourself whether Donald Trump will give any explanation.

Consider the possible explanations.

One explanation Donald Trump might give is that he was not serious in asking the Russians to interfere in the election.

Another explanation Donald Trump might give is that he was serious in asking the Russians to interfere, and that his belief is there was nothing wrong with doing that.

A third  possibility is that Donald Trump believes it was wrong for him to ask the Russians to interfere in the election, and he says so to the country.

A fourth possibility is that Donald Trump thinks Russian interference is a trivial matter the country should not be concerned about, and it does not warrant his giving any explanation at this time. This fourth possibility is a variation on number two above, i.e., Russian interference in the election is a trivial matter, so there is nothing wrong with his having asked the Russians to interfere.

For Donald Trump to give any of the first three explanations will be trouble for Donald Trump at this time. As to the fourth possibility, Donald Trump will be bogged down for months trying to argue that Russia interfering in U.S. elections is a trivial matter.

It is a fair bet that there is no chance Donald Trump will give any accounting of himself about his asking the Russians to interfere in the election.

Since the election, Donald Trump has shown numerous times that only others are to blame when something has gone amiss, Donald Trump does nothing that warrants blame, and there is nothing he needs to be held accountable for.

That is Donald Trump's nature and character, and it is consistent with Donald Trump's only purpose being  to serve Donald Trump '

As to the Russia mess, it is a fair bet Donald Trump will blame anyone but himself for that mess. It is a fair bet Donald Trump will not go on prime time television and make an address, saying "My fellow Americans, our country is in a mess over Russia, I am the President and it is my responsibility to lead the country out of the mess. To do that, the country first needs to understand how we got into the mess. As your President, I need to start with myself and consider my responsibility. Let me first address that, during the campaign, I asked the Russians to interfere in the election. Here is my explanation to the American people about that: _______________"

So long as Donald Trump gives no explanation to the country about why he asked the Russians to interfere in the election, that is good evidence, maybe even proof, that for Donald Trump all that matters is Donald Trump, the country matters only if it is opportunistically helpful for Donald Trump, and Donald Trump owes no accountability on anything to the country. It is further tantamount to a declaration by Donald Trump that he is unable to perform his leadership duties as President of the United States.

If you are a Trump supporter and you believe Donald Trump does not owe the country an explanation of why he asked the Russians to interfere in the election, please post a comment below to that effect, or send me a tweet, and I will post the tweet here.

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