Monday, October 24, 2016

The people's closing argument

[For your first Trump Tweet, read the below The People's Closing Argument against Hillary Clinton and for Donald Trump. After you read it, click on this link: . Your tweet will appear under #TrumpTweetPeoplesClosingArgument. After you do your first Trump Tweet, go to Be a Trump tweeter for further Trump Tweeting.]
[11/7/16: Time has run out on Trump Tweet. All you can do is vote.]


A. The case against Hillary Clinton
Congress and Washington DC are disconnected from the people.

The people are partly to blame, because they are ignorant of a lot, and their jobs and families keep them from doing all they should as citizens.

The iron triangle of  the politicians, lobbyists and "special interests" in Washington DC have the people over the barrel. They profit greatly in corrupt ways, and the people are harmed by bad laws, bad regulations, and government waste and fiscal irresponsibility that result. The establishment keeps the people polarized so they don't unite to "drain the swamp". The establishment thrives in rancorous and destructive hyper-partisanship, and even foments the same.

For 25 years, the Clintons have been master practitioners and supreme beneficiaries of the corruption of money in politics.

The Clinton Foundation has been the apotheosis of corruption for the past 15 years.

It is clear Hillary Clinton got her private email server in order to maximize the ability of her and her husband to keep their corruption hidden.  

Never mind careless handling of classified information affecting national security. It was imperative that the Clintons be able to destroy evidence about their corruption if and when needed to protect themselves. And destroy Hillary Clinton did, including 33,000 emails that establish who knows what criminality.

The Clinton corruption is labyrinthean. There is a Clinton entourage, built up over decades, of thousands of persons, who have benefited from the corruption. The corruption has included governmental favors for campaign contributors, contracts that Clinton friends have gotten with corrupt foreign entities and others, in exchange for Clinton Foundation donations and speaking fees, and a large Clinton controlled payroll of the State Department and the Foundation, all planned to nurture the entourage for enriching themselves and ultimately aiding Hillary Clinton in her Presidential quest. This Clinton entourage will do their best to keep the corruption from being exposed and to continue being rewarded by the Clintons in the future.

The impetus for protecting the Clintons against exposure has seeped into the Obama administration. There are clear signs the Justice Department and the FBI have been compromised to give the Clintons and their entourage special treatment under the law.

If Hillary Clinton is elected President, a very high priority for her will be to keep the Clinton corruption from being further exposed. She will have awesome powers of the Presidency for protecting herself and her husband, and the rest of the Clinton entourage. It is to be expected that Hillary Clinton will not hesitate to use such powers corruptly.

The number one thing that keeps the people from having a government of, by and for the people is the money corruption in politics. The Clintons are arch villains in this, and they must be defeated if the people are going to have a chance to get back their government of, by and for the people.

Hillary Clinton's corruption foments the destructive hyper-partisanship in Washington DC, and that will only get worse if she is elected.

B. Donald Trump
Donald Trump offers the people their best chance to get back a government of, by and for the people.

If one believes that the political system is broken, almost every other issue raised in this election is secondary. There needs to be honest acknowledgment that the issues present difficult problems that are not susceptible to easy solutions and that ultimately have to be worked out in the political system that includes the President and Congress. A polarized electorate, a failed Congress, and turmoil will persist until the country, including Congress, addresses the broken political system.

Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump have already turned a lot upside down in Democratic and Republican politics. If Donald Trump is elected President, much will be thrown up in the air in Washington DC. This will be particularly true about Congress, which will be confronted with a political earthquake having occurred and will have to decide what has gone wrong in the country's political system and what the country should do about its political system.

No one knows what will be the outcome of the political earthquake if Donald Trump is elected President.

There is risk for all concerned. The paramount question for everyone should be, "Do I want the failed, corrupt status quo to continue with Hillary Clinton and perhaps never have a chance again for the people to make a change? Or do I want to take a chance with the political earthquake of Donald Trump being elected President?"

The country has never been presented with such a Presidential candidate as Donald Trump. On the one hand, he did what no one 18 months ago thought ever possible, and has turned the Republican Party upside down. On the other hand, Donald Trump has been appalling to millions of people in how he has conducted his campaign.

As appalling as Donald Trump may be, he also may be the people's last chance at getting back a government of, by and for the people. Bernie Sanders previously bore the people's mantle, but now it is down to Donald Trump.

Those who are appalled by Donald Trump have to confront this question: If you are appalled, are you nonetheless willing to allow Donald Trump to be President because he is your last chance to get back a government of, by and for the people?

Here, it needs to be acknowledged the tremendous contribution that Bernie Sanders made to the people's effort to get back a government that is of, by and for the people. The ardent supporters of Bernie Sanders know well the pain they experienced when Hillary Clinton took the Democratic nomination away from Bernie Sanders. To Sanders supporters the same is posed to you as to others who are appalled by Donald Trump. You have the same choice. You can take a chance with Donald Trump and then be part of the watchdog over him, so that if he messes up and does not work to get the people a government of, by and for, the people, he will be a one term President.

For those who are appalled and worried about Donald Trump's excesses, consider some protections that you may take comfort from.

Donald Trump has run his campaign according to his choice. He is ostensibly falling short for winning November 8th for the American people. If the people make a supreme effort to change the looming outcome, and this is seen by everyone, including Donald Trump, the people will have credibility in saying to Donald Trump, "We have put you in office, we are going to watch you closely, and if you mess up for us, we will take action again in 2020 to make sure you are a one term President, and we will get someone else to help us get back a government of, by and for, the people."

Also consider that Donald Trump probably recognizes that the country is facing very difficult problems that, in truth, are not susceptible to easy solution, If elected President, he is going to be heavily saddled with the country's problems. Donald Trump has alleged that everyone else during the past 30 years has massively failed the American people, and he alone can make American great again. Donald Trump has insulted and disparaged the media mercilessly.

The establishment and media Donald Trump has excoriated as losers or worse during the past 18 months will have their knives ready for Donald Trump from day one if he is sworn in as President on January 20, 2017.

The pressures on Donald Trump to perform well for the people will be unimaginable.

To cope, Donald Trump will need, genuinely and deeply, to want to help the American people with their great problems. A good prediction is that Donald Trump will be pragmatic and open minded in seeking solutions. Further, he will be able to tell Congress it needs to be pragmatic as well and end their destructive hyper-partisanship that hurts the country in trying to work through the country's problems.

If, on November 8th, the people repudiate Hillary Clinton for her corruption, Donald Trump will stand exposed to vivisection of his past history as he proceeds to execute his Presidency. He knows that will come, and he knows he is going to have to face whatever onslaught is mounted against him. This will intensify the pressure on Donald Trump to live up to his promises to the American people.

In other words, all that will stand between Donald Trump and perdition at the hands of the establishment and the media will be the people, and the people will be there only if they are satisfied in how Donald Trump is doing for them.

That offers protection for people who are appalled by Donald Trump.   

C. Making closing argument via Trump Tweet
Trump Tweet is one way for the people to make a supreme effort to win for themselves on November 8th. Learn how by reading Be a Trump tweeter and The people are in a ditch.

Hillary Clinton is now saying she is not going to respond to anything Donald Trump says.

If enough people tweet in Trump Tweet, millions of tweets can be sent to voters  in the remaining days before November 8th. Hillary Clinton will learn directly from the people of their determination to regain a government of, by and for the people. She will have to respond about the corruption case against her and her husband, and she will not be able to continue her evasions from the past year and a half.

This can happen, however, only if hundreds or thousands of the people tweet in Trump Tweet.

Just to get an idea, a single person can send 30 to 40 tweets in 15 minutes. Do some multiplications, and you can see that millions of tweets are doable over the next 15 days.

But let's be clear. Hundreds or thousands of people are needed to tweet in Trump Tweet in order to generate millions of tweets to voters.

Thus far, hundreds of people have "liked" and retweeted tweets in response to efforts to get Trump Tweet going, but no state groups have been formed and no tweeting has been yet done as envisioned by Trump Tweet. "Likes" and "retweets" alone will not do the trick, and massive tweeting as envisioned by Trump Tweet is needed to force Hillary Clinton to respond on Clinton corruption.

D. Think about Trump Tweet as ground game
In making your decision whether or not to tweet as envisioned by Trump Tweet, think about the dominant Clinton ground game that is at work across the country right now, compared to a much inferior ground game that Donald Trump has going. Think about the intertwined Clinton superstructure that is a backdrop for Hillary Clinton's campaign. Think about maybe Clinton friends who got corrupt Clinton Foundation contracts subsequently having made contributions to Hillary Clinton's Presidential campaign. Or maybe members of the entourage who were on the Clinton controlled payroll at the State Department and/or the Clinton Foundation are now contributing services to the Presidential campaign. Think about that, directly or indirectly, feeding into the Clinton ground game right now.

If Donald Trump is losing in the ground game his national campaign team has created, you and many others are desperately needed to try to make Trump Tweet a ground game on your own.

If you are wondering what the Trump national organization or Trump state organizations think about Trump Tweet, the answer is that I don't know they have any awareness of Trump Tweet. I have tried to get their attention but have not gotten response. While hundreds of Trump supporters in the grassroots have expressed interest in Trump Tweet, none of them have indicated making inquiry to find out what their state organizations think.

Maybe this is but evidence of a very unfortunately deficient Trump ground game. Check it out yourself. Contact your Trump state organization, ask them what ground game they have going, and suggest they promote Trump Tweet as ground game in your State in the remaining days before November 8th.

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Last minute people manifesto


We feel that Congress and Washington DC are disconnected from us.

We the people are probably partly to blame, because we are ignorant of a lot, and have our jobs, families and other things that keep us from doing all we should as citizens.

In contrast, we believe the political, lobbying, media and "special interest" establishment in Washington DC intentionally fosters and takes advantage of the disconnect of the people from their Congress and the rest of their government. We believe this is done by said establishment to benefit themselves, and to the great detriment of the people.

We do not believe Hillary Clinton will or can do anything to change this.

We say this because she and her husband have played and reaped the benefits of the status quo for 30 years. Her candidacy is a promise to hundreds of thousands in the establishment who live off the status quo that the same shall go on, so they can procure their share of the benefits to be had, just as the Clintons have done so masterfully for themselves.

If Donald Trump is elected President, just about everything in Washington DC is going to be thrown up in the air.

We the people have no idea how this will shake out, but we are willing to take the risk.

Whether or not Donald Trump is elected President, already much in Republican and Democratic politics is in a tumultuous state.

If Hillary Clinton is elected President, she will be impelled to spend her time and energy keeping more toothpaste from getting out of the tube, and preserving the status quo.

We have Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders to thank for tremendously advancing the people's postion against the establishment.

Right this second a paramount concern for the people is whether Donald Trump has, during the past couple of weeks, wandered off course in his mission to advance the people's cause.

We hope Donald Trump will do soul searching on this in the time remaining.

We hope he will find a way to demonstrate to enough Americans that he is fully on track as the "people's voice."

We more than hope, we fervently hope, because this may very well be the people's last chance.

Thursday, October 13, 2016

The people are in a ditch

There are 14 days left for Trump to defeat Clinton corruption and lead the charge of the people against the corruption of Congress and the DC establishment.

Right now the people are in ditch, and the utmost needs to be done for the people to win on November 8th.

Trump Tweet is for maximizing Twitter to contribute to that happening.

First, read Be a Trump Tweeter.

Second, send your personal tweet to Trump by clicking on the link for your State in Be a Trump Tweeter.

Next, get to work forming a group of five to ten to start Trump Tweet in your State.

As you are forming your group, look at the messaging in the state tweeting banks that have been listed in the Tweeting bank directory. Decide whether you like that messaging for using in your state, or whether your group would like different messaging. Please tell me what messaging your group desires.

Think about voters in your State you would like to target. Do you want to target voters generally in your State?  Or target millennials in your State? Former Sanders supporters, or Independents, or Democrats, or Republicans in your State?

Then start looking around for Twitter accounts in your State that have lots of followers of the sort you want to target with your State's tweeting bank.

Finally decide on tweet messages you think would be good for getting your tweet targets in your State to click on the link in your tweet.

When your group is ready to go, please let me know.

UPDATE 10/24/16
For the people to win on Nov. 8th, it is going to take everything we've got.
Trump Tweet needs people who will tweet in the tweeting banks (not just doing likes and retweets). The goal is to send tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands of tweets to voters in states. This is doable if five or ten start out tweeting in the state, if the tweeting catches on, and pyramiding of tweets happens.
The key to success is messaging that will have the broadest possible appeal so that people receiving tweets will join in the tweeting.
The tweeting banks currently in the Tweeting bank directory were drafted weeks ago, and are probably not the best messaging for the current urgent situation. I am working on other drafting.  Please take a look at this Last minute people manifesto for possible other wording of messaging. See also Our people's closing argument.
 Please tell me suggestions for messaging that you have..

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Does this make you want to Trump Tweet?

From The Stream, Oct. 9, 2016

Astroturf ‘Outrage Machine’ of Paid Trolls Floods Social Media to Counteract Negative News About Hillary Clinton

One supporter being paid to create multiple anonymous accounts does not constitute genuine support for Hillary Clinton.

By RACHEL ALEXANDER Published on October 9, 2016 • 1789 Comments
A significant portion of online support for Hillary Clinton is manufactured by paid “astroturf” trolls: a large team of supporters who spend long hours responding to negative news on the internet about her. The Clinton SuperPAC Correct the Record, which is affiliated with her campaign, acknowledged in an April press release that it was spending $1 million on project “Breaking Barriers” to pay people to respond to negative information about Clinton on social media sites like Facebook, Reddit, Instagram and Twitter. That amount has since increased to over $6 million. The trolls create a false impression that Clinton has more support than she really does, because one supporter will frequently create multiple anonymous accounts.
Libby Watson of The Sunlight Foundation observed that the astroturf effort goes far beyond merely defending Clinton, to targeting and intimidating those who criticize her. She told The Daily Beast, “This seems to be going after essentially random individuals online.”
Brian Donahue, chief executive of the consulting firm Craft Media/Digital,explained the troll operation to The Los Angeles Times, “It is meant to appear to be coming organically from people and their social media networks in a groundswell of activism, when in fact it is highly paid and highly tactical.” He went on, “That is what the Clinton campaign has always been about. It runs the risk of being exactly what their opponents accuse them of being: a campaign that appears to be populist but is a smokescreen that is paid and brought to you by lifetime political operatives and high-level consultants.”

Hillary’s Anonymous Trolls First Targeted Bernie Sanders

Hillary Clinton astroturf image
One of the images paid Hillary supporters are instructed to use in their social media posts. (
The Daily Kos, which preferred Bernie Sanders over Clinton, observed some of these tactics during the Democratic primary. One author wrote, “[T]here have been a number of diaries claiming to ‘have switched from Bernie to Hillary’ lately, and some of them have been from recently created accounts with no record of pro-Sanders remarks or diaries.” The author further called the Clinton effort out, writing, “We are on to your presumptive corporate shilling.”
The moderators of the Sanders subreddit /r/SandersForPresident wrote that the “Bernie Bro” concept was created by fake accounts in order to “establish a narrative that Bernie’s supporters are all racist, sexist young males who harass people online.” David Fredrick, co-founder and moderator of the subreddit, told The Atlanticwhen Sanders was still in the race, “If anyone criticizes a Sanders supporter online now there’s doubt over whether it’s a genuine exchange or if it’s something that Correct the Record is behind.”
David Brock, a former right-wing activist who now works for Clinton and started the left-wing site Media Matters which ruthlessly targets conservatives, is credited with creating the online trolling project. After the actor Tim Robbins, a Sanders supporter, received a barrage of tweets attacking him for speculating about election fraud hurting Sanders, Robbins responded to 88  different accounts with this tweet, “Dear @CorrectRecord operatives, Thank you for following today’s talking points. Your check is in the mail. Signed, @davidbrockdc.”

Clinton Staffer Adam Parkhomenko Outed as Troll on Reddit

Five months ago, the Trump subreddit /r/The_Donald warned, “We are being brigaded by Clinton super PAC shills. Quick, post pics upsetting to Hillary.” Users posted messages like this, “I saw like 4 today, new account and 40 pro hillary comments. Said she was a mom in one post and an asian student in another. Deleted account after someone called her out.”
Savvy Reddit users outed one of the Clinton staffers, Adam Parkhomenko, her director of grassroots engagement, who was apparently posting anonymously on the site threatening Trump supporters. Under the username rcMI9HXF, he wrote, “Warning- participation in this slanderous witch hunt will result in legal action.  Mrs. Clinton has been made aware of your childish attempt to slander her and her supporters.  There will be consequences for your actions.” When Reddit users guessed he was being paid by Clinton, he responded, “I am just an average Joe fed up with the blatant lies you people are slinging towards HRC. I’m a Bush supporter and volunteer, actually.” But when they discovered his home address, he finally admitted his real identity, “You can call me Adam. My buddies call me A.park.”

Clinton Staffer Luke Montgomery Behind Trump Attack Site Made to Look Like it Came From Bernie Sanders

When the “Deport Racism” website popped up, showing Hispanic children using profanity in reference to Trump and beating a pinata image of him, it appeared to come from the Sanders campaign. There was a link from the site to Sanders’ campaign site, implying that Sanders was the preferable candidate on immigration. But buriedin the source code were links that appeared to be left over from another site called “Bill for First Lady 2016,” which was created by Clinton staffer Luke Montgomery. Outed, Montgomery removed the link to Sanders’ website. Montgomery, who came to prominence for his AIDs activism in the 1990s going by the name “Luke Sissyfag,” also deceptively registered a PAC called Feel the Bern.

The Clinton Machine Has Used Anonymous Trolls at Least as Far Back as 2007

The anonymous fake accounts come are nothing new for Clinton. In 2007, paid campaign staffers and volunteers on her campaign were caught creating anonymous accounts to artificially inflate her support. The influential Blue Hampshire blog discovered the ruse, when several anonymous accounts were all created in succession on the site from the same Clinton campaign IP address, which then bolstered pro-Clinton diaries.
Clinton hired a campaign manager this election cycle known for his scorched earth tactics. Robby Mook started a listserv in 2009 known as “Mook’s Mafia” to share political information with associates. He says things like “smite Republicans mafia-style” and “F U Republicans. Mafia till I die.” He has also said, “First, the mafia never separates, it just continues to grow and expand and move into other states in order to destroy Republicans.” By choosing Mook, Clinton reveals the type of campaign she wants, Alinskyite tactics of do anything to win.
Perhaps all this fake trolling won’t prove to be worth it. Once outed, the trolls will have a record to follow them around on the internet forever. One of Parkhomenko’s close friends told The Washington Post that he’s been “underutilized” on the campaign and is “miserable.” At some point, making up fake identities has to become demoralizing to all but the most hardened of campaign operatives.
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Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Trump tweeting for Dummies

As salvos fired daily arch over our heads in the grassroots, we have to do our best to cut through and keep a laser focus on the malefactor Secretary Clinton.

Yesterday, Trump in Pennsylvania waved an email from the most recent Wikileaks dump in which Sidney Blumenthal allegedly said to John Podesta that Benghazi was preventable.

Kurt Eichenwald was on CNN this morning explaining that the Russians were duped or else they put out doctored information to try to meddle with the 2016 election, and/or Trump was duped or intentionally put out false information. To see CNN video of this explanation, and an accompanying CNN textual story, go to

Eichenwald calls what is happening with the possible Russian disinformation attempt to meddle in the U.S. election "frightening".

Let's keep in mind who is a prime contributor to the "frightening" situation that has been created, to wit, Secretary Clinton, and her private email server.

Most anyone who gives much thought to the matter realizes that Secretary Clinton's motivation to have a private email server was for her and her husband to be able to keep from public exposure questionable things going on with The Clinton Foundation.

This conclusion is supported by Secretary Clinton's action to delete 33,000 emails and keep the public in the dark about what was in those emails.

It has turned out, while the American public is kept in the dark, there is a distinct possibility that the Russians, Wikileaks and others such as the Chinese have those emails.

That's a big" uh oh" for Secretary Clinton.

Among other things, October "bombshells" may be dropped on Secretary Clinton by who knows whom.

More ominously, really nefarious actors may try to blackmail Secretary Clinton in connection with the emails.

It's a double big "uh oh" for Secretary Clinton since she herself may not know who has her emails and does not know whether bombshells will be dropped or she may be blackmailed.

Beyond bombshells and blackmail, Secretary Clinton has further, in her choice of a private email server putting her and her husband's private  interests ahead of the country's national security interest, has created the potential for disinformation by the Russians. To wit, Americans don't know what it is the emails; Secretary Clinton does not have a record to prove what is in the emails; and the door is wide open for the Russians to carry out a disinformation campaign to meddle in the 2016 elections.

This is indeed, as Eichenwald says, "frightening," and a prime contributor to this frightening situation is Secretary Clinton herself by putting her and her husband's private interests  ahead of the country's national security interest.

Trump says, if elected, he will ask his Attorney General to appoint a special prosecutor to investigate this situation.

As each day goes by, it becomes increasingly clear that the FBI and the Justice Department have been disabled from delving into whether Secretary Clinton's actions have risen to the level of treason in her putting private interest ahead of the country's interest relative to her private email server, which opened the door to the Russians to meddle in the 2016 elections through disinformation, as is now possibly being witnessed.