Saturday, September 24, 2016

Statement by Trump Tweet New York

The Clinton corruption of the past 25 years keeps welling up. Its most egregious manifestation is being revealed in The Clinton Foundation.

In his campaign, Trump is lambasting the Clintons on their corruption.

There is other widespread corruption Trump has been outspoken on.

In the very first debate, Trump was brutally honest. Here's the video of that.

On August 16th Trump tweeted a video that "we are going to make this a government of the people once again."

In video (below) Trump slams the "pay for play" corruption of Hillary Clinton, the "profiteering," and the "favors given to foreign corporations and governments," all being "not acceptable," "corrupt" and bringing "great dishonor" on our government.

On the goal of making this "a government of the people once again", Trump says this is "the last chance" for the people to take back their power, and that the "establishment is scared" and "has no idea how many people are going to come out on Nov. 8th and vote"
New York is an important state for Trump to defeat the Clinton corruption and lead the charge against the corruption and failure of Congress. You can be part of the Trump "ground game" in New York by sending tweets.

Other New Yorkers are invited to add to the above statement by posting comments below.

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