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Be a Trump Tweeter

[Update 11/2/16: To do your first Trump Tweet, go to Our people's closing argument, and then return here.]
[Update 11/6/16 Trumpers, who ya gonna call on Wednesday?  Don't have regrets.]

Trump Tweet is a nationwide tweeting bank against the corruption of Clinton and Congress, against the failed DC political establishment, and to trumpet the country's imperative need of Trump to fix it.

The tweeting bank tool is analogous to a phone bank. The national Trump campaign has a phone bank on its website, which is called Trump Talk.

Trump Tweet has been created independently of the national Trump campaign. Whether the national campaign will sanction Trump Tweet, or develop its own tweeting bank tool, remains to be seen.

Tweeting banks are being created for individual States.

There are tweeting banks for Florida, Pennsylvania and Virginia that were created in a predecessor blog. These can be found at the following links:

The method of the tweeting banks can be understood by looking at one of the above. As you will see, the ultimate object is to achieve a pyramiding of tweets that results in tens of thousands of tweets being sent to voters in a State.

Be a Trump Tweeter
First tell Trump. Click on the below link for your state and send him a tweet telling him you are tweeting in Trump Tweet for your state. Your tweet will have a hashtag for your State in the form of #TrumpTweet[name of State]. Your tweet will also have the hashtag #FixCongressNow.

After you send your tweet to Trump, share Trump Tweet on your social media to recruit other Trump Tweeters.

Getting Trump Tweet for your State going
In creating more State tweeting banks, I have revised the format. A tweeting bank for a State is being called "Trump Tweet [State name]." Trump Tweet GeorgiaTrump Tweet New York and Trump Tweet North Carolina have been created.  Comments on the tweeting bank format are solicited.

To find tweeting banks, go to the Directory of tweeting banks.

Getting a tweeting bank going in a State probably needs five to ten Trump supporters in the State.  A first step should be to assemble a group for the State.

Some people have affirmatively indicated a willingness to tweet. Listed below, broken out by State, are their Twitter names. [If your Twitter name is posted, and you do not want it posted, please let me know, and I will delete it.]

Maryland - @1776Solution
Missouri - @BackwoodsJim@KABough
New York - @LDiamond39
California - @CristalLorianne@JuneSaidF@dsshep1959
New Jersey - @leo_quinn@DannyBShaw
Texas - @GoganJackR
Florida - @zany1011@SwampBabe813 
Ohio - @DouglasCampbe14
Oregon - @tamstar63@71_Charger
Connecticut - @chattycatthy
Pennsylvania - @javagirlrocks@DHecei
Arizona - @jtalentto
South Carolina - @TroyB169
Massachussetts - @Woldemort2
Georgia -  and
Louisiana - @prstewart01
Michigan - @nobama46
Nevada - 

Also, you can scroll down #FixCongressNow and contact people from your State who have used that hashtag to send a tweet to Trump. Please note you may be initially prevented from doing complete scrolling, and it may take you a couple clicks away from and back to #FixCongressNow before you are able to do complete scrolling and see all relevant tweets, which include tweets to Trump that were solicited by a predecessor blog, and which go back to August.

As an alternative to scrolling through #FixCongressNow, people from your state might also be located by going to the hashtag for your State, e.g. #TrumpTweetFlorida. The state hashtags, however, don't pick up some of the earlier tweets to Trump going back to August. Also, if you use the state hashtag to find people, you will be taken to the "top" list. The "top" list does not show similar tweets, and you should click on "latest" list to find a complete list. (For example, for Florida, compare with

Further, consider sending tweets to Trump supporters in your State similar to the tweet you received from me in order to get a group together. Also,if you are a member of a Facebook group for Trump in your State, share Trump Tweet with that group to solicit its members to tweet in a Trump Tweet for your State.

If a group for a State is formed that is ready to start sending tweets in a tweeting bank for the State, and a tweeting bank has not yet been created, please let me know and I will create one.

If  a group has preferences about  how the tweeting bank for their State is presented and worded, those preferences can be be accommodated.

I have created a googlegroup at!forum/trump-tweet-tweeters for discussion of questions, ideas and activities concerning Trump Tweet. Please go to the link to request to join the group and I will admit you to the group.

Edit 11/2/16: For further elaboration, see The people are in a ditch.

Getting National Campaign support
Endorsement of Trump Tweet by the national Trump campaign would be terrific. Getting the national campaign to consider and make a decision about Trump Tweet may be hard to accomplish.

I have tweeted to more than a score of persons in or close to the Trump national campaign, requesting that the campaign review Trump Tweet. If I get any feedback, I will post it here.

The more Trump Tweet is publicized among grassroots Trump supporters, the better the chance of the national Trump campaign becoming aware of Trump Tweet and making a decision about it. Tweeting you do about Trump Tweet will aid that.

October 30, 2016
Please consider Our people's closing argument against Hillary Clinton and for Donald Trump.

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