Thursday, October 20, 2016

Last minute people manifesto


We feel that Congress and Washington DC are disconnected from us.

We the people are probably partly to blame, because we are ignorant of a lot, and have our jobs, families and other things that keep us from doing all we should as citizens.

In contrast, we believe the political, lobbying, media and "special interest" establishment in Washington DC intentionally fosters and takes advantage of the disconnect of the people from their Congress and the rest of their government. We believe this is done by said establishment to benefit themselves, and to the great detriment of the people.

We do not believe Hillary Clinton will or can do anything to change this.

We say this because she and her husband have played and reaped the benefits of the status quo for 30 years. Her candidacy is a promise to hundreds of thousands in the establishment who live off the status quo that the same shall go on, so they can procure their share of the benefits to be had, just as the Clintons have done so masterfully for themselves.

If Donald Trump is elected President, just about everything in Washington DC is going to be thrown up in the air.

We the people have no idea how this will shake out, but we are willing to take the risk.

Whether or not Donald Trump is elected President, already much in Republican and Democratic politics is in a tumultuous state.

If Hillary Clinton is elected President, she will be impelled to spend her time and energy keeping more toothpaste from getting out of the tube, and preserving the status quo.

We have Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders to thank for tremendously advancing the people's postion against the establishment.

Right this second a paramount concern for the people is whether Donald Trump has, during the past couple of weeks, wandered off course in his mission to advance the people's cause.

We hope Donald Trump will do soul searching on this in the time remaining.

We hope he will find a way to demonstrate to enough Americans that he is fully on track as the "people's voice."

We more than hope, we fervently hope, because this may very well be the people's last chance.

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  1. Rob, thank you for sharing your thoughts. I will proudly share your posts with my followers and I greatly appreciate your commentaries. My husband and I took the polls early last week casting our votes for Donald J. Trump and Mike Pence to lead us over the next four years. The Trump/Pence team is the best option our country has to secure America against these dark times of extreme Islamic terror in our world while revitalizing our economy. It's time Americans stand up for America because the Swamp isn't doing it! May God's blessings be with us during this election season.