Thursday, October 13, 2016

The people are in a ditch

There are 14 days left for Trump to defeat Clinton corruption and lead the charge of the people against the corruption of Congress and the DC establishment.

Right now the people are in ditch, and the utmost needs to be done for the people to win on November 8th.

Trump Tweet is for maximizing Twitter to contribute to that happening.

First, read Be a Trump Tweeter.

Second, send your personal tweet to Trump by clicking on the link for your State in Be a Trump Tweeter.

Next, get to work forming a group of five to ten to start Trump Tweet in your State.

As you are forming your group, look at the messaging in the state tweeting banks that have been listed in the Tweeting bank directory. Decide whether you like that messaging for using in your state, or whether your group would like different messaging. Please tell me what messaging your group desires.

Think about voters in your State you would like to target. Do you want to target voters generally in your State?  Or target millennials in your State? Former Sanders supporters, or Independents, or Democrats, or Republicans in your State?

Then start looking around for Twitter accounts in your State that have lots of followers of the sort you want to target with your State's tweeting bank.

Finally decide on tweet messages you think would be good for getting your tweet targets in your State to click on the link in your tweet.

When your group is ready to go, please let me know.

UPDATE 10/24/16
For the people to win on Nov. 8th, it is going to take everything we've got.
Trump Tweet needs people who will tweet in the tweeting banks (not just doing likes and retweets). The goal is to send tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands of tweets to voters in states. This is doable if five or ten start out tweeting in the state, if the tweeting catches on, and pyramiding of tweets happens.
The key to success is messaging that will have the broadest possible appeal so that people receiving tweets will join in the tweeting.
The tweeting banks currently in the Tweeting bank directory were drafted weeks ago, and are probably not the best messaging for the current urgent situation. I am working on other drafting.  Please take a look at this Last minute people manifesto for possible other wording of messaging. See also Our people's closing argument.
 Please tell me suggestions for messaging that you have..


  1. Oh thank you very much I will definitely get working on my home state of Pennsylvania I live in a college town in Indiana County I have several in Florida Trump Street team we represent Latinos vote in Florida he's very passionate and covers the area of West Palm Beach to Miami please find him and send him your link.
    My fight 2 elect Donald Trump the system has failed and by the grace of God my fight is for those who can't fight for themselves families are suffering watching helplessly POTUS Trump hears our cries.

    1. Thank you. Please pass along any suggestions you have regarding