Friday, February 17, 2017

Tweet Bomb Orlando


TO: As many Floridians as we can tweet to

This message is being tweeted to you individually.

We who are tweeting to you believe the country is facing a Presidential crisis, and our Congress must try to fix it.

We who are tweeting include people who voted for Donald Trump and people who did not vote for Donald Trump.

The crux of the Presidential crisis is the danger to the country of Donald Trump and the national security agencies being at war against each another. 

Donald Trump is accusing that persons in the agencies are illegally leaking classified information. Donald Trump, however, is evading the leaked information that his campaign aides had contacts with the Russians during the campaign and evading related matters.

It is not questioned that, if there has been illegal leaking of classified information, the perpetrators should be found out and criminally prosecuted.

While Donald Trump seeks to evade the leaked information, there is a mounting call around the country and in Congress that the leaked information and related matters be investigated.

The crisis is escalating because Donald Trump is treating the matter in the same mode he used during the campaign. Regarding yesterday's mind blowing 77 minutes press conference, a fair overall characterization of what Donald Trump said is:
I Donald Trump know all the truth that is needed to be known. I am right and anyone who disagrees is wrong, dishonest, or worse. Further, I will not tell you everything that is relevant, and you need to trust me against the national security agencies and the press. I will either clean them up or beat them down in order to save the country from their criminality and dishonesty.
This authoratorianism is untenable in our democracy, but every sign is that Donald Trump will not change his ways, and the crisis is building as a result.

While it is cumbersome for Congress to step in, and it is not clear how involvement of Congress will fix the crisis, there does not seem any other possible solution than Congress stepping in to try to resolve the crisis.

Republicans in Congress will be slow to respond.

The people must plead for Congress to step into the crisis and find a fast way to resolve it.

Donald Trump will take his campaign in full dress mode to a rally at 5 pm tomorrow at the Orlando-Melbourne International Airport in Florida.

Donald Trump's base loves him, and he is sure to appeal to his base tomorrow, just as he did at the press conference yesterday. Many in his base believe every word Donald Trump says.

We who are tweeting do not believe everything Donald Trump says. We think many of Donald Trump's followers will eventually stop believing his every word. Keep in mind what will most affect Donald Trump is if senses that his followers are becoming less believing of everything he says.

Starting in Florida, we want to communicate massively, at the grassroots level, including Donald Trump's followers and his opponents. We solicit  recipients of our tweets to join in a "pyramiding" of tweets, so that many thousands of Floridians receive tweets.  And we want all to tweet to Florida's Senators and Representatives in Congress that Congress must take up this Presidential crisis.

For tweeting to Florida's Senators and Representatives in Congress, see Step One below.

To achieve "pyramiding" of tweets so that many thousands of Floridians receive tweets, see Step Two below.

Step One
 To send tweets to Florida's Senators and Representatives in Congress, click on the below links. The tweet you send will say "Congress must address the Presidential crisis as soon as possible. and will have a link to this blog entry (Tweet Bomb Orlando).  Also your tweet will contain, and show up under, the Twitter hashtag #TweetBombOrlando.

Tweet here to Senator Nelson
Tweet here to Senator Rubio
Tweet here to Rep. Gaetz
Tweet here to Rep. Dunn
Tweet here to Rep.Yoho
Tweet here to Rep.Rutherford
Tweet here to Rep. Lawson
Tweet here to Rep. DeSantis
Tweet here to Rep. Murphy
Tweet here to Rep. Posey
Tweet here to Rep. Soto
Tweet here to Rep. Demings
Tweet here to Rep. Webster
Tweet here to Rep. Bilrakis
Tweet here to Rep. Jolly
Tweet here to Rep. Castor
Tweet here to Rep. Ross
Tweet here to Rep. Buchanan
Tweet here to Rep. Rooney
Tweet here to Rep. Mast
Tweet here to Rep. Rooney
Tweet here to Rep. Hastings
Tweet here to Rep. Frankel
Tweet here to Rep. Deutch
Tweet here to Rep. Wasserman Schultz
Tweet here to Rep. Wilson
Tweet here to Rep. Diaz-Balart
Tweet here to Rep. Curbelo
Tweet here to Rep. Ros-Lehtinen

Step Two
Send individual tweets to Floridians, which tweets have a link to this page. This will be to try to get tweet recipients to come to this page and send their own tweets to Florida's Senators and Representatives in Congress, and, after that, to join in sending tweets to more Floridians. The goal here to get a large amount of "pyramiding" of tweets going.

A suggested tweet message to send to Floridians is:
Our FL reps in Congress must get Congress to address the Presidential crisis.
Then you need to find follower lists of other Twitter accounts in Florida that have a lot of followers. The Orlando area should be particularly targeted. Examples of good Twitter follower lists in the Orlando area are:

A. General
This tweeting involves a non-standard use of Twitter, namely, the sending of large numbers of individually directed tweets to followers of other Twitter accounts (not your own followers).
A ground has been staked out with Twitter for this method of tweeting. See letter to Twitter @Support.
The object of this method of tweeting is to get a "pyramiding" of tweets going in Florida.

B. Your tweet message
A suggested tweet message to send to Floridians is:
Our FL reps in Congress must get Congress to address the Presidential crisis.
C. Persons to send your individually directed tweets to
The object is to find Twitter accounts in your area have a lot of followers. If a person's twitter profile indicates the person lives in Florida, be selective or indiscriminate as you choose in sending the person a tweet or not.
Do not worry about redundancy and whether others participating in this tweeting bank may also be tweeting to the same person.
Examples of good Twitter follower lists in the Orlando area are (as given above0:

D. How to send your tweets efficiently
In doing your tweeting, you are repetitively sending the same tweet message. This can be done very efficiently, at least on a laptop computer. Get the tweet message on your mouse clipboard, go to the follower list  you are using for your tweeting, start with the first person on the list you want to tweet to, and do this:
1. Right click on person's Twitter name.
2. Choose "open in new tab"
3. Go to the new tab.
4. Click on the "Tweet to" button.
5. Paste the tweet message in the box.
6. Hit the "Tweet" button.
7. Close the tab, which takes you back to the list
8. Go on to next person, and repeat above steps.
You should be able to send 35 to 70 tweets in a half hour. Send as many tweets as you are willing to. Don't worry about any duplication that you think may arise.

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