Thursday, February 16, 2017

Trump Censure

This blog was started last September under the name "Trump Tweet."

The blog description that appeared below the "Trump Tweet" name was:
Trump tweeting banks against the corruption of Clinton and Congress, how government in Washington has failed us, and the need for Trump for change.
The October 24, 2016 entry THE PEOPLE'S CLOSING ARGUMENT AGAINST HILLARY CLINTON AND FOR DONALD TRUMP states the rationale of the blog up until election day on November 8, 2016. Also, see the entry Be a Trump Tweeter.

I voted for Donald Trump on November 8, 2016.

Since election day, I have turned against Donald Trump.

The name of this blog has been changed. On February 27th the name of the blog became "Trump Censure." The blog description appearing below the "Trump Censure" name above is now:
Tweeting banks to get Donald Trump to change his ways, or else leave or be removed from office.
Various blog entries trace through why I have turned against Donald Trump. These include:

Trump Inc., November 29, 2016
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Censure, February 9, 2017
Censure (supplement), February 10, 2017

Currently, there is a dangerous situation of Donald Trump against the national security agencies (or parts of them). 

This has come about following a New York Times article published on Tuesday reporting that, during the campaign, Trump aides had repeated contacts with Russian intelligence.  

Donald Trump is accusing that persons in the national security agencies are illegally leaking classified information. Donald Trump, however, is refusing to affirm or deny the leaked information that his campaign aides had contacts with Russian intelligence during the campaign.

It should not be questioned that, if there has been illegal leaking of classified information, the perpetrators should be found out and criminally prosecuted.

That, however, will not prevent the developing crisis for Donald Trump in his refusing to address (affirm or deny in some way) the leaked information. Donald Trump may attempt to roll over the national security agencies, but in all likelihood, that will only escalate the crisis.

It is extremely bad for the country that this situation exists, that it is a growing a crisis, and that there is not a clear path to resolution.

While it is cumbersome for Congress to step into the crisis, and while it is not clear how involvement of Congress will work to resolve the crisis,  there does not seem any other possible solution than Congress stepping in to try to resolve the crisis.

The people, it would seem, must plead for Congress to step into the crisis and find a fast way to resolve the crisis.

To make a plea to your state's reps in Congress, consider a tweeting bank in your state, such as exemplified by ALABAMIANS TWEETING FOR CONGRESS TO CENSURE DONALD TRUMP  .

Update 2/17
The foregoing was written before yesterday's press conference. It is hard to know exactly what to make of those mind blowing 77 minutes. A fair overall characterization is, "I Donald Trump know all the truth that is needed to be known. I am right and anyone who disagrees is wrong, or worse. Further, I am not going to tell the country everything that is relevant, and the country will have to trust me against the national security agencies and the press. I will clean them up or beat them down, as needed to save the country from them."
Yesterday's press conference has escalated the crisis. Congress may not be able to solve the crisis, but Congress is the only realistic party to call on at this juncture.

Update 2/27
The name of this blog has been changed to "Trump Censure." The thrust of the blog is to get Congress to censure Donald Trump. Others are campaigning for impeachment. See Impeach Trump and Impeach Trump Now. While many citizens may shout for impeachment, it is going to be extremely difficult, maybe impossible, to get the Republican controlled Congress to take up impeachment. Getting Congress to censure Donald Trump would seem a more realistic possibility for now. Hence, a main thrust of this blog will be to agitate for Congress to take up a censuring of Donald Trump.
A 1998 Congressional Research Service Report for Congress on the subject of Congress censuring the President is set out at CRS Report.
This effort will attempt to be prosecuted through state based tweeting banks. I am in Alabama, and I have set up ALABAMIANS TWEETING FOR CONGRESS TO CENSURE DONALD TRUMP. Because I am tweeting links to the same to persons outside of Alabama, the language includes parenthetical references to tweeting to other Americans as well.

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